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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening can provide a dramatic difference in a short amount of time. At-Home Bleaching is a conservative way to improve the look of your smile.

Our office recommends at-home bleaching to whiten your teeth. We will create an impression of your teeth that will then be used to make a customized mouth guard to hold the whitening gel containing carbamide peroxide against the teeth. Once the mouth guard is made, it is worn for a period of time, as instructed by our office. The amount of time may vary from a couple of hours a day, or all night, to up to four weeks or longer if desired. This type of bleaching is stronger than over-the-counter methods and will generally work quicker but may cause increased sensitivity. If you have concerns about tooth sensitivity, please discuss them with Dr. Haley before beginning the tooth whitening process.

Teeth whitening only works on natural tooth structure – restorations such as fillings and crowns will not bleach along with the teeth. This is an important implication to discuss with Dr. Haley before treatment.

Dr. Haley does not recommend abrasive tooth whitening methods. Charcoal toothpaste, for example, whitens teeth by ‘scratching’ or abrading the enamel. The scratched enamel surface reflects more light, thus appearing whiter. In contrast, chemical whitening removes the stains that cause teeth to look darker. Repeated use of abrasive products regularly will eventually thin the protective enamel on the teeth and eventually cause teeth to appear more yellow than white.

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