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Resin Infiltration

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Resin infiltration is a conservative way to treat white spot lesions

White spots may form while teeth are developing due to nutrient or mineral imbalances, and they can often present following orthodontic treatment with braces. These white spots are not cavities and are generally not unhealthy, but some patients may find that they do not like the appearance of them, and feel less confident about their smile when they are present.

Luckily, there are options that are less invasive than veneers to address these types of problems.

Many types of white spots can be filled with resin without any removal of tooth structure. This is a great approach when the patient is otherwise happy with the shape and color of their teeth and wants to preserve their natural tooth structure. When spots are severe, however, sometimes removal of some of the affected tooth structure is necessary to achieve the desired cosmetic improvements. When this is necessary, we eliminate as much of the lesion as possible with conservative infiltration methods. For stubborn areas, we remove as little tooth structure as possible and replace it with filling material that blends as well as possible with the surrounding tooth.
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