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Dental Implant Restorations

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The best solution to replace missing teeth or teeth that cannot be repaired, dental implants can simulate the appearance and function of natural teeth. If properly cared for, implants can help preserve the health of neighboring teeth, maintain bone structure, contribute to an improved ability to chew, and provide patients with the confidence to smile.

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Single Dental Implant

There are two parts to restoring an implant after successful placement and healing process – one is the implant-supported crown, and the other is the abutment, which serves as the connection between the implant and the crown. These two pieces are typically fused together with a cement and attached to the implant with a screw.

This type of restoration is usually completed in two visits. The first visit is for impression taking, usually done optically with a scanner (in some cases, it must still be done with physical impression material). The second visit is for the delivery of the restoration.

Implant placement and restoration can take several months to be completed, depending on the clinical situation. For the majority of cases, patients can expect 7 months’ time from start to finish. The expected timeline is something to discuss with your provider(s) when considering this type of treatment.

For situations where the appearance of the gums is important for the overall esthetics of an implant restoration, more visits and more time may be required to achieve the desired result. A temporary implant crown may be needed to help guide the healing of the gum tissue, to create a more natural appearance with the final crown restoration.

Implant Supported Bridge

Implant Supported Bridges

An implant supported bridge is a restorative solution for spaces where three or more adjacent teeth are missing. This restoration typically requires two implants to support the bridge that provides a functional and aesthetic replacement for a patient’s natural teeth.

What are the advantages of an implant supported bridge?

Because of the natural look and functional stability provided by the implants, implant-supported bridges are an effective solution for replacing multiple missing teeth.

An implant supported bridge replaces missing teeth by utilizing two or more dental implants to support the bridge. This is in contrast to using the teeth adjacent to the space to support a bridge. These implants avoid putting additional stress on your natural teeth and help preserve the health and function of the surrounding bone tissue and teeth.

Implant bridges may be better solutions than traditional bridges for a number of reasons. They can be less invasive to surrounding teeth, and often have better distribution of forces. As always, we will help you figure out what options are best suited to your needs.

Fully Edentulous (Toothless) Solutions

For patients missing many or all of their teeth, implant supported dentures may be an alternative to traditional dentures. These solutions can simulate the look and feel of natural teeth and stay fixed in place with the implants acting as anchors. Using implants for retention and support of dentures increases the security of the prosthesis under function.

Implant Supported Dentures Graphic

Hybrid prosthesis

Also referred to as “All on 4”, “All on 6”, etc.,  these restorations are a large bridge that is affixed to 4 or more implants via screws. These are some of the most complicated dental restorations and are not offered in our office at this time. If you are a patient of our office and are interested in this type of restoration, please contact us about being referred to a specialist.

Implant Retained Dentures Graphic

Implant Supported  Dentures

This type of restoration involves 2 or more implants and a full or partial denture. The dentures can have fittings installed which can snap into the implants and provide more security than regular dentures will on their own. These type of dentures have an advantage over a hybrid prosthesis because the denture can be removed by the patient.

This allows the patient to clean the prosthesis thoroughly and around the implants and gums below it. This can greatly aid in the longevity of the restoration and implants. If a problem arises with one (or more) of the implants, these restorations are much more stable since they also get support from the soft tissues below. This is in contrast to the hybrid prosthesis described above, which is only supported by the implants themselves.

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